AuthorSolmuteoriaa is my blog. Solmuteoriaa is a Finnish word roughly translatable as knot theory. The philosophical possibilities that knot theory (literally and metaphorically) offers, inspires the existence of this blog.

I am a dad, a husband and an ambitious optimistic existentialist perfectionist nerd from Finland. My professional background is in programming and consultation but keyword being ‘back’.

Now I write this blog and battle against depression. Optimism and the existence of my family keep me going and I refuse to give up. I will prevail.

Whatever it takes.

Why should YOU care? – Because I will:

  • say everything as it is
  • not avoid any subject
  • not apologize for my opinions
  • endorse diversity
  • be honest
  • show an optimistic way of thinking

What can you do?

Be honest to those around you and show that you care. You can also like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, send me mail and be involved.

But most of all just live, learn and be happy!