Achievements of 2018

Year 2018 was a good year. And just saying that is such a huge thing. I moved forward more than I have in a long time. This is my attempt at finding some good achievements that happened to me in 2018.

Achievements #1 – Got divorced

It took a lot to tell myself it had to be done. To actually understand that there was no other way left and that I had tried everything else. It was time to think about myself and make the choice. After 18 years together and 11 of those married I got divorced.

Achievements #2 – Quit alcohol

Not something I planned. Just happened that way. Not planning on keeping it that way but just at the moment I don’t have any need for it. And when you think about it, does anyone?

Achievements #3 – Organized my own crochet exhibit

Also something I didn’t plan but rather just one day had an idea of “what if…”. And I took the chance. Local library liked my proposition to organize a crochet exhibit there and so after months of planning I did it. I want to write about that in more detail, so here’s hoping.

Achievements #4 – Met this one interesting person

This might sound like a strange achievement but depression had distanced me from society and normal social interactions. So it was a bit hard to believe, when I briefly joined Tinder “just to see what it is and maybe some day find someone to talk to”, that I actually did find someone. It was nice to talk to another adult. To feel like someone listened. Gained a bit of invaluable confidence.

Achievements #5 – Participated to an online mental well-being course

The course was not that good. But it allowed yet another form of social interaction which I needed. It also allowed me to think about my experiences with depression and life in general and share those with others in a similar situation. Also it seems like a new path opened up for me because of this so feeling excited about that.

Achievements #5.2 – Started listening music and currently trying to exercise more

One extra just to motivate myself a bit more. If I write this here, it becomes real, right?

Here’s to 2019 and moving forward!