Best comedy shows of ALL TIME!

What are the best comedy TV shows? Is there even such a thing? Most that are claimed to be the best, are total garbage. I mean everyone knows that British Sitcoms are the best thing ever. The problem is, that they are all older series and nothing has come even close ever since.

The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.
― Horace Walpole

I was desperately searching something new to watch, something that I would find funny. I’ve watched a lot of shows and stand-up comedies from Netflix – from ALL of Netflix – and the quality is all over the place! The conclusion I’ve come to, is that I have a very different taste of comedy than “most people”. Better taste.

Comedy should make you laugh!

If a comedy show can’t make you laugh, then either it’s bad, or the style just doesn’t fit you personally. That’s what I think. Then there are sub-genres like satires and dark comedy. Those are a very hard category to do right. The Office is a good example as ratings state is was done right, but it’s still not for me.

Basically all the TOP-lists I’ve skimmed through have so many series in them that I just don’t get what they are even doing there. I know it’s just me, and it seems most people do find them funny. But I don’t even think most of them could be described as comedy.

Comedy is SUCH a large concept

Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.
― Mel Brooks

I did watch six seasons of How I Met Your Mother, but only because I just needed anything to watch. I didn’t laugh once. Mostly I found it depressing. I mean constant break-ups and one-night-stands. How the hell is that funny? That’s just sad.

Parks and Recreation is another one that has very high ratings. I just couldn’t finish the first episode. Camera was so all over the place that it made me almost motion sick and humor… was a joke. Similarly happened when I tried to get into Master of None. Wasn’t for me.

Then there is the whole issue of categorization. Netflix in particular lists so many shows as ‘comedy’ which clearly aren’t, that it’s not funny. Like Suits, which is a phenomenal series, is not comedy in any stretch of the imagination.

So finding the ones that fit your own perception of ‘fun’, is really hard!

TOP 5 “Modern” TV Comedy Shows

With modern shows I mean roughly shows that are aired in the 21th century. This is a list I came up with a little research but mostly from memory, so I could’ve forgotten some great ones. But still, these are gems in a sea of poo!

TOP 5 Modern TV Comedy Shows

  1. The Guild
  2. The Big Bang Theory
  3. The IT Crowd
  4. Frasier
  5. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I’ll add 5. when I remember one.

TOP 5 British TV Comedy Shows

Nothing can beat the Brits. Unfortunately the greatest time of British Sitcom is far behind us, but these really do stand the test of time! And these I DID remember right away and the list could even go on.

TOP 5 British TV Comedy Shows

  1. Fawlty Towers
  2. On the Buses
  3. The Vicar Of Dibley
  4. Father Ted
  5. Men Behaving Badly
  6. Keeping Up Appearances
  7. Red Dwarf

Do you have any suggestions for modern comedy shows I could watch? Come and leave a comment on my Facebook page. I’d love to here from you!