How to feel happy? – Requisites for enjoyment

We all want to be happy. We all want to enjoy our time. But neither are goals to work towards, but rather an outcome of something else. And most of the time, that something else, is not easy. Enjoyment can be a reward from doing work, but happiness requires doing nothing and being everything.

Magnificent Song Lyrics: Humble and Kind

Song lyrics can be a very powerful media to convey a message. Accompanied with some epic music, they can really dig deep into those hidden emotions. “Humble and Kind” is a song performed by American country music artist Tim McGraw and I want to share an excerpt from those lyrics.

Best comedy shows of ALL TIME!

What are the best comedy TV shows? Is there even such a thing? Most that are claimed to be the best, are total garbage. I mean everyone knows that British Sitcoms are the best thing ever. The problem is, that they are all older series and nothing has come even close ever since. Comedy should make you laugh! So this is my take on TOP 5 comedy shows!