Immortality indulges ignorance

Immortality impressively illustrates ignoring incredibly interesting information including incomprehensibly inclusive incriminating implications in interest indifference. Illegible?

Immortality is dull

“Fear of death is what keeps us alive.”
Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Immortality offers so much fun philosophical ways to think about life. Even the whole concept of ‘life’ would be irrelevant if we’d be immortal. In that case, what would ‘living’ even mean? Time would advance but there would be no point of doing anything.

Why would you need to do a chore today, if you live forever? You could just do it tomorrow. Or never. And so if ‘living’ or ‘being alive’ is determined by the actions we do (as I think it is), rather than the beating of a heart, then one could argue, that immortals are actually not alive at all.

Having limited time to live is the most valuable and powerful asset we have in our arsenal!

Ajin: Demi-Human

Awhile back I watched Ajin: Demi-Human, which is a dark science-fiction anime series recently aired in Netflix.

Ajin are rare immortal lifeforms indistinguishable from humans. The only way to know if you are an Ajin, is to die. Kei Nagai is a Japanese high school student who is killed in a traffic accident. However, he turns out to be immortal, and a price is placed on his head. Thus begins a boy’s life on the run from all of humankind.

Ajin is an amazing series! Even if anime is not your thing but dark sci-fi sparks interest, then I couldn’t recommend it more!

To live, is to take risks

If you are one of those who see living as easy and relaxing, you’re probably blind and deaf. But then again, if you see life as some sort of a punishment and only hope time would flow faster, let me give you a virtual and metaphorical slap in the face!

Life is not easy, but that’s what makes it interesting!

The point why I introduced the series Ajin here, is that even though none of these ideas are new to me, it really gave new light to a lot of them. Sympathy for others, pride from accomplishments, self-sacrifice for greater good – none of them would mean anything for an immortal. Only fear of death and acknowledgment of finite time to achieve things can give real weight to the decisions we make.

Mortality and finiteness have also other fascinating thoughts to offer. Like how little sense is there in pessimism if you think about it. All you do, is waste your time on worries and regrets. Optimism is about daring to do and experiment! Much better way of living, am I right?

Do you feel like you live? How would you answer these?

  To live To be
Let’s find out
Because we can
Don’t know