Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm
Be Unique

Keep Calm and Carry On is a phrase probably everyone has heard off. It is a source for countless numbers of inspirational posters and quotes around the internet. Just google “keep calm and” and there’s nothing you won’t find.

The original red Keep Calm and Carry On poster was designed by the British Ministry of Information as a way to boost morale during the Second World War. Back then, it really was the question of life and death and it was important to encourage calmness. Today our lives are mostly not about life and death. And still we just can’t keep calm!

The need for Keep Calm

Keep Calm
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It feels like our current way of living is full of needs and musts. There is always things to do, places to be and ways to live. We must go to work. We need to raise money. We have to make dinner. It’s no wonder that mental health issues are constantly increasing in numbers.

When you fall outside of society due to illness or any other reason, and look back to where you came from, it just doesn’t make any sense. Most of the so called “problems” in our every day lives could be solved by just stopping and asking if the problem is even real.

Let’s take politics for example. There are plenty of people who take it so freaking seriously. “If the conservative party wins, I’m moving abroad!” -mentality is insane. Because when you keep calm and think, you might just realize that the only thing that really matters, is you and the people close to you.

The fact is, we’ve forgotten how to live sustainable. I mean just look at all the “life coaches” and other weird professions. Have we really gone that far that we need to pay others to tell us how to live? It’s all about progression, productivity, moving forward. Faster and faster.

Slower is faster and less is more

Keep Calm
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Why do we need so much stuff? Why do we have to own this and that? Couldn’t we really live with less? Even though it feels like a clich├ęd phrase, “less is more” has a lot of truth in it. Acquiring more is only reducing the value of that which we already have.

Every day that I survive without anxiety medication feels like a victory. And there aren’t many of those days. It’s so ironic that it’s easier to see the things you have only after you’ve lost them. If only you would’ve slowed down and appreciated them while you had them.

Time is not something we can redeem. So let’s not rush it. Let’s enjoy it.

Let’s Keep Calm and Carry On.