Starting a blog is so EASY!

So I wanted to start a blog. Thought it wouldn’t require much. Was wrong. So wrong.

Doing something despite uncertainty towards it’s success has more potential in leading to great things than not doing it and forever wondering if you should’ve.

We all want different things. We all have different tastes. There is no right or wrong way of starting a blog. Sure there are countless of guides and tutorials on How to Start a Successful Blog Today, 19 Things to Know Before You Start a Blog or even How to Start a Blog: The Complete Guide From Start to Finish but they ARE ALL WRONG!

The only – and I repeat – only tip you need on how to start a blog is: Do it because you want to do it and do it the way you want to do it. In the end it all comes down to our own personalities. For some of us ‘good enough’ is all they need but for others only perfection is acceptable. These two extreme points of the ‘starting a blog’ -spectrum are ‘The easy way’ and ‘My way’.

The easy way of starting a blog

Register a Blogger account and go nuts.

My way of starting a blog

Step 1 “Why”: Think about why a blog is a good idea, what the blog should be about, who might care about it and is everything pointless and should I just quit. Repeat as many times as it takes to come to the inevitable conclusion, that doing something despite uncertainty towards it’s success has more potential in leading to great things than not doing it and forever wondering if you should’ve.

Step 2 “How”: After mental knots have been untangled (see what I did there?), it’s time to make some actual progress. Most of these decisions come down to motivation. The most important question to keep asking yourself is ‘if I do this like this, will it make me more or less motivated to continue and develop my blog further?’.

Option 1 “Free”: If the only motivation you need is a place to write, then there is no need to spend any money. There are plenty of free services for blogging so go jump right in! I knew that this was not for me though.

Option 2 “All-in-one”: If professional look and feel is your jam and you can afford to pay for it, then I suggest trying Squarespace. I spent the entire trial period tweaking and fine-tuning but had to finally give up. For a perfectionist who wants to control every aspect of the site, Squarespace just didn’t cut it.

Option 3 “DIY”: As in so many other aspects of my life, in order to get something that you want, it’s best to do it yourself! So I spent an indeterminate amount of time researching hosting providers, finally chose one, installed WordPress myself and started from the beginning. Again. So despite the huge work ahead of me in configuring everything, choosing and tuning a template etc., I finally felt like this idea about a blog might prevail after all.

Step 3 “What”: If by some miracle the dream is still alive, the most important and the most hardest decisions need to be made.

Decision 1 “Name”: Any blog needs a name. Whether it’s ‘My Blog’ or ‘The Best Blog’ or something more intelligent, it needs to reflect your own mental image about it. Search your soul, dig deep into your subconscious and fill the name of your blog with everything that defines who you are. I used a trick called ‘Wikipedia’. I knew I wanted something deep, something with multiple meanings, something philosophical, so I read about philosophy. And kept reading and digging more and more, deeper and deeper…

Decision 2 “Subject”: Defining a subject for the blog is not for the audience but for yourself. It’s way too easy to get carried away and possibly write something you later wish you hadn’t. Having some mental boundaries will help with that. For example few of my guidelines for this blog are never complain without offering a solution, aim to help and offer advice, be positive (or sarcastic), one post must only have one subject and the old classic “keep it simple stupid”. And the actual subject of this blog, is knots.

Step 4 “THE BEGINNING”: Everything needs to start somewhere. Writing that first post should not be taken too seriously. It’s not going to be perfect. Just go with the flow. Even though I’ve spent almost too literal days on this one, doesn’t mean you should. The whole point of a blog is to write post after post and thus become better at writing and expressing yourself.

And that is exactly the point why I wanted to start a blog.