Just a thought

Winter is better than summer

Winter or summer? If we go by news, it’s clear that warmth is depicted as a good thing, and cold is depicted as bad. But that really makes no sense. Seasons are changing. Grass is always greener and snow is always whiter the next day. It really is a blessing that there is variety in the weather. But if there wasn’t, winter would be better than summer.

Winter is coming.

For the sake of this argument, we’ll assume that our living standard is such that we can afford to buy clothes and live in a house with proper heating and maybe air conditioning.

Too hot VS too cold

The most fundamental point of this argument for me is the question “Do you rather be too hot, or too cold?”.

Let’s imagine a hot summer day. The sun is shining and there’s no wind to speak of. You can just lay on the lawn and enjoy the day. But the grass needs to be cut. Garden needs to be taken care of. It’d be nice to go for a walk. But it’s so hot, that none of those tasks is enjoyable. Just going for a walk is too exhausting. And you can’t remove any more clothes to be cooler! To feel comfortable, all you can really do on a hot summer day, is sit inside, close the curtains and turn on air conditioning. If you have one. If you don’t, then all is left is to suffer.

Let’s imagine a cold winter day. It’s freezing cold and winter makes it feel even colder. You might rather stay inside beside a fireplace than go outside. But snow needs to be plowed. It’d be nice to go for a walk. And nothing is stopping you! Just wear proper clothes. Still cold? Wear even more clothes. And then go for a nice walk.

Fundamental conclusion is, that there is a point where you can’t remove clothes to be cooler, but you can always add clothes to be warmer. Thus, too cold is better.

Winter VS summer – pros and cons

To make more distinction between these two options, let’s list some pros and cons.

The amount of daylight is a clear divider. Sure there is more light during the summer. It’s easier to wake up in the morning when the sun is already shining. And light does provide more energy to your day. But there is certain calmness to be had from darkness as well.

Air is cleaner in the winter. Clear and cool air is so refreshing. In the summer there is pollen everywhere and allergies make you crave for the summer to end. Or rain. Rain in the summer is also a great time.

Sun is not your friend. Sun is the enemy. In the winter you are mostly covered in clothes anyway so even when the sky is clear, there’s no fear of sunburn. But in the summer there is a constant fear of skin burning and having a sunstroke. I have a pale skin and I am unable to get a suntan. I can only get burnt. So naturally I’ve learned to despise summer.

Tranquility of winter

Most important is to feel comfortable. In the summer that’s way harder than in the winter. When it’s too cold, it’s easy to recognize it and go inside. But in the summer, there’s no way of knowing when you’ve had too much sun. So there is constant discomfort and anxiety about it.

For me there is no question that winter is better than summer. Darkness prevails. \m/