Flag of Germany - Crochet Pattern

Flag of Germany

Finished size:
Hook size:
3 : 5
17cm x 10cm
Yarn:Black (as color A)
Red (as color B)
Yellow (as color C)
Flag of Germany
Project Flag of Germany at Ravelry

The flag of Germany is a tricolor consisting of three equal horizontal bands displaying the national colors of Germany: black, red, and gold. The colors of the modern flag are associated with the republican democracy formed after World War I, and represent German unity and freedom.

As described, the yellow color should be closer to a shade of gold than bright yellow. Choose a yarn accordingly.

This pattern is worked horizontally starting from top left.


Crochet Pattern for Flag of Germany

  With A, ch 30
 1. row: Sc in 2nd ch and each ch across, turn 
 2-5. row: Ch 1, sc 29, turn
 6. row: Ch 1, sc 28, sab, turn
 7-11. row: Ch 1, sc 29, turn
 12. row: Ch 1, sc 28, sbc, turn
 13-18. row: Ch 1, sc 29, turn
  Fasten off

For help with the pattern, please see the General Instructions from European Flags Crochet Patterns page.

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