Angry Birds Stella

Having crochet all the other Angry Birds characters, I got a request to do Stella. As that pattern didn't exist, I made one.

European Flags

The goal of this project was to design and crochet all 51 European flags using their official proportions as closely as possible.

Gentleman Octopus

My 1-year-old got this small bigheaded octopus and I thought whether I could make something kinda like that, but bigger and derpier!

Hand Grenade

Hand Grenade can cause real damage if thrown with enough force inside a porcelain shop.

Hammer Plushie

Hammer Plushie was the first crochet pattern where I aimed to crush the stereotypes of crochet.

Hey Duggee Badges

Watching Hey Duggee with my 1-year-old I thought how hard would it be to crochet the badges given by Duggee...


So there I was, crocheting this cute little elephant... And I wondered what else is cute and has large ears. So I made a mouse.


I was asked to make the snowman from the movie The Snowman (1982). This is what I came up with.

Hey Duggee - Frog

Hey Duggee is one of my 1-year-olds favourite shows at the moment. So I wanted to make him this cute frog.