Crochet Patterns

to be inspired
to express yourself
for relaxation

Crocheting as well as knitting or any other kind of handcraft is a nice way to relax your thoughts. In times I find it almost tranquilizing.

All patterns are fully designed by me and are free to use anyway you wish. Just please give credit to Solmuteoriaa if you find them useful!

Crochet Patterns

Snowman Crochet Pattern

I was asked to make the snowman from the movie The Snowman (1982). This is what I came up with.

Mouse Crochet Pattern

So there I was, crocheting this cute little elephant… And I wondered what else is cute and has large ears. So I made a mouse. Or a few.

Angry Birds Stella Crochet Pattern

Angry Birds Stella
After having crochet all the other Angry Birds characters partialy based on existing patterns, I got a request if I could also do Stella. As that pattern didn’t exist yet, I took on the challenge!

Hand Grenade Crochet Pattern

Hand Grenade
Hand Grenade is the second crochet pattern I’ve designed. Can cause real damage if thrown with enough force inside a porcelain shop.

Hammer Plushie Crochet Pattern

Hammer Plushie
Hammer Plushie crochet pattern is the first pattern in my attempt to crush the stereotypes associated with crocheting.

Crochet Patterns European Flags

European Flags
The goal of this project is to design and crochet all 51 European flags using their official proportions as closely as possible. Flags are about the size of your hand.