Flag of Sweden - Crochet Pattern

Flag of Sweden

Finished size:
Hook size:
5 : 8
16cm x 10cm
Yarn:Blue (as color A)
Yellow (as color B)
Flag of Sweden
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The flag of Sweden is a Scandinavian cross that extends to the edges of the flag. The design and colors of the Swedish flag are believed to have been inspired by the present Coat of arms of Sweden of 1442, which is blue divided quarterly by a cross pattée of gold.

This pattern is worked horizontally starting from the middle and doing top and bottom parts separately. Also note that the starting chain is counted as row 1.


Crochet Pattern for Flag of Sweden

Odd rows:  Ch 1, sc 8, sab, sc 3, sba, sc 16, turn
Even rows: Ch 1, sc 15, sab, sc 3, sba, sc 9, turn

 1. row: With B, ch 30
 2. row: Sc 2nd ch from hook and each sc across, turn
 3.-8. row: alternate odd row and even row three times
 9. row: Ch 1, sc 8, sab, sc 3, sba, sc 16
Fasten off
 10. row: Ch 1, sc 29, turn
 11. row: Ch 1, sc 28, sba, turn
 12.-17. row: alternate even row and odd row three times
 18. row: Ch 1, sc 15, sab, sc 3, sba, sc 9
Fasten off

For help with the pattern, please see the General Instructions from European Flags Crochet Patterns page.

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